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Jul 8

If it was drinking my blood that woke you up, your name is going to be “Senketsu”!

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Jul 7


Attack on Titan x Pokemon x nope nope peace out ⊟

These frightening mash-ups come from Beth Emery/Zsparky, who has a gallery you can check out at DeviantArt. That Cubone and Colossal Titan mix is rad, but that Smiling Bulbasaur and its teeth are terrifying.

On a related note, it looks like the import Attack on Titan 3DS game is available on Amazon now. (artwork via Nadia Oxford)

BUY Attack on Titan stuff, upcoming games

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2 2 1 B Baker Street

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Jul 4

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Jul 3


Macabre painting byDavide De Agostini

The work of Davide De Agostini is the story of past and lost humanity. It is the story of the dissolution of the forgotten memory and screaming, sore and dumb, to be recalled to memory, and fade for fear of being recognized for what it has become. It is the presence of witnesses silent, patient, invisible but sometimes guessed, passive in their solitude, active in the simple existence, and waiting for eternity.


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Jul 2


Karen Glaser - Dark Sharks

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i can’t get enough of their insides…

nothing canon here… or at least not confirmed, just my thought on their bonesss. the non-visible parts are either protheses or nonexistent, see monsoon o’)

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Jul 1




Missing Mom by Austin James
Magickoi by Adam Works

$11 Tees / $13 Tanks for 24hrs only at The Yetee

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